1st Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt Tickets on Sale Now!

Grab your Easter Baskets, Plastic Bags or an extra Amazon Prime box (we all have them) and prepare yourself for an Easter Egg Hunt unlike any other. Oh, and leave the kiddos at home, this is strictly for adults 21+.

On Saturday, April 8th from 12pm to 4pm, TriangleGameNight.com is hosting their first annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt and it’s going to be Epic. And 100% of proceeds will go to our friends at the charity, Extra Life.

What is an Adult Easter Egg Hunt? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like. There will be 840 Easter Eggs scattered across a section of land in Durham called Hollow Rock Bluffs (thank you to our friends at ROMR for getting us the awesome spot of land!) When given their cue, 50 grown ass adults will forage and find as many Easter Eggs as they can in a half hour. Easter Egg prizes will range from cash to candy to condoms (and there will be some extra surprises too!). And yes, there will be golden eggs with, er, special prizes. Well, we did say this is an ADULT Easter Egg Hunt…

After all the eggs have been gathered, attendees will claim their prizes then enjoy a free lunch. After lunch they will hang out and enjoy our afterparty, complete with music, giant games and outdoor fun courtesy of our friends at WAKA Social Sports.

Tickets for this event are $20 and include lunch and admission to the afterparty. Tickets can be purchased here–> http://events.romr.com/events-2/tgn-adult-easter-egg-hunt

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