Visit Us at the Playthrough Gaming Convention this Weekend (Feb 25th/26th)!

Come out and join us for one of the most awesome Gaming events that you will see all year! The Playthrough Gaming Convention is a two day gaming convention taking place at the Raleigh Convention Center on Feb 25th and 26th. It’s basically a weekend long extravaganza showcasing the latest games and providing an opportunity for gamers to meet others who share their passion. Whether you are interested in video games, eSports, tabletop games, or play testing new creations, Playthrough has something for everyone! Tickets for this event can be purchased by clicking here.

We will also have the distinct honor of having our massive board game collection featured at Playthrough’s free-to-play tabletop gaming area and we’re super excited about it! We will also be demoing a ton of fun games all weekend long – check out our demo schedule below!


10:00 AM Boss Monster
11:30 AM Dominion
1:00 PM Forbidden Island w/ Game Upgrades from Top Shelf Gamer
2:30 PM Descent: Journeys in the Dark
4:00 PM Ninja All Stars


Table 1 – Sarah’s Fun Faves courtesy of our friends at Game Theory
6:00 PM Ca$h n’ Guns
7:00 PM Smash Up
8:00 PM Loot N Run / Crossing / Dice Heist / Santorini
9:00 PM Kittens in a Blender / Hey, That’s My Fish! / Go Coo Coo! / Battle Sheep

Table 2 –’s Zombicide Adventure
7:00 PM Zombicide: Black Plague (6 Players)

10:00 AM Zombicide
11:30 AM Zombicide: Black Plague
1:00 PM Red Dragon Inn
2:30 PM Love Letter / Coup
4:00 PM Codenames

Here’s some of the other fun things that you can expect from the convention:

Musical Acts
Exhibitor Panels
Tournaments (Video games, Board Games)
Free-to-Play Board Game Area (<— That’s us!)
Free-to-Play PC Game Area
Free-to-Play Arcade Game Area
Free-to-Play Retro Console Area
Cosplay Contest
Magic the Gathering Tournament
Escape the Con
King of the Hill
Grand Tournament
Rock Band Jam
D&D Adventurers League
Play-to-Win Game Giveaways
Riddle Scavenger Hunt
Civ 6 Auto-Play
Photo Shoot

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